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Should you repair or replace your air conditioner?

Often minor repairs can get your aircon up and running. However, if your air conditioner doesn’t have the same cooling efficiency as before or if it has stopped working completely - you might want to check your options. Getting an old air conditioner fixed, again and again, is definitely not worth the drama.

In this article, we will help you decide if you should repair or replace your air conditioner. Keep reading to learn more.

How old is your air conditioner?

Air conditioners generally last for 10-15 years. If your aircon is older than 10 years and plagued with ongoing issues, you might want to consider replacing your air conditioner. A benefit of replacing your aircon is that you will get a more energy efficient model which would ultimately save you a lot of money on power bills. Compare the ZERL label for different models and invest in an energy-efficient model to help you save money in the long run.

If the aircon is less than 10 years old, it might be worthwhile to repair the unit. If the issue is due to dirty air filters or a clogged condenser unit, it is not an expensive repair job. But if something significant has gone wrong like the compressor is broken, it is probably best to just get a new unit. You can also ask for advice from your local aircon technician and get all the options before you make a decision.

Frequency of Breakdowns

Do you feel you are spending too much time getting it repaired? One thing breaks and you get it fixed, and then another thing breaks. It can be like a never-ending loop.

Sometimes the repair costs can add up and you can eventually end up spending more money than necessary. If you are not sure about repairing or upgrading your aircon, talk to us. We can check the condition of your unit and help you with the best possible solution.

Rising Power Bills

Regular use of a faulty or old air conditioner can increase your energy bills slowly over time. Compare your electricity bill with last year for the same quarter to check if the costs are around the same or not. If there is a significant difference, you might want to consider getting an energy audit done. If the aircon is guzzling a lot of energy, it may be just better to get a newer energy-efficient model.

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Noisy and Smelly Unit

If the unit is noisy or your house smells funny after turning on the aircon it might be time for a professional clean. An unusual smell could mean mould growth inside the unit. Mould is a health risk and affects our respiratory system. In this case, you need to put your health first and just get the system professionally cleaned and if this doesn't get rid of the smell or noise, replaced.

Is your air conditioner under warranty?

If your air conditioner is still covered under warranty and not working properly you might not need to spend money on repairs and labour costs. Check your manufacturer and installer warranty to see if repairs are covered.

Is the air conditioner cooling your room effectively?

Perhaps the size of the aircon is too small or too big for your home if you're having issues with cooling effectiveness. If the unit is under-sized, it may struggle to maintain a constant temperature and if the unit is over-sized, it could cost you more than necessary. Either way it could be better to upgrade to an aircon which is more suited to the size your property.

How much should you spend on repairs?

If the cost of repairs is approximately 50% of the value of your air conditioner, then replace your air conditioner. Alternatively, multiply the age of your aircon with the cost of repairs.

For example, if the age of your aircon is 5 years and the cost of repairs is $300, the total comes to be around $1500. Then it may be worth considering repairing the unit. But if the total is more than $5000, then consider upgrading to a new unit.

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