Book An Aircon Installation in Gold Coast

Book An Aircon Installation in Gold Coast

Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

Stay cool all year with your trusted Gold Coast aircon installation experts

Imagine walking into a room that's cooled or warmed to the perfect comfortable temperature. All Purpose Air Conditioning offers top-of-the-line air conditioning systems, you'll never have to sweat through another scorching Australian summer or shiver at home in winter again.

A new air conditioner can be a significant investment, but it’s definitely one that will pay off in the long run. Sometimes, choosing which make and model will best suit your needs can prove to be a little daunting. Don't worry, our air conditioning technicians have years of experience and can help you choose the perfect climate control system for your home or business. Once you have made your choice we will install your new aircon efficiently and make sure you’re comfortable all season long, without breaking your budget. Being experts in all aspects of air conditioning, we know how to help you beat the Gold Coast heat.

We have a wide range of air conditioner models and brands to choose from and guarantee we will have the perfect one to suit your needs. At All Purpose Air Conditioning we are committed to keeping our processes transparent and our prices competitive.

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Aircon installation services on the Gold Coast

At All Purpose Air Conditioning, we offer affordable and reliable air conditioning installation for residential and commercial properties across the Gold Coast. Our HVAC technicians have decades of industry experience in installing single and multi split system and ducted air conditioners from trusted brands like Daikin, Fujistu, Mitsubishi, and more.

We also offer repairs, regassing, cleaning and servicing of residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

Features of ducted, split system & multi-split system air conditioners

Install split system air conditioning for energy efficiency & affordability

If you are looking to heat or cool a small space, split systems are perfect. We can install single room, wall-mounted, multi-head split systems or in-ceiling cassette systems. They are affordable, energy-efficient and can be adapted to any space.

Single split system air conditioners

  • Perfect for a small space
  • Cool-only or reverse cycle - for all year-round climate control from one system
  • Cost effective to install - one of the most affordable aircon options
  • Inverter technology- offers increased efficiency
  • Quiet operation - ideal for bedrooms
  • Versatile installation - can be installed just about anywhere, great for townhouses, flats, units, multi-level dwellings, houses and commercial buildings.
  • Energy efficient features - economy mode, timers, human sensor control to reduce power.
Split system Air Conditioning
Quiet and superior comfort via split systems

Multi-split systems

  • Available in wall-mounted, bulkhead, ducted and cassette styles
  • Climate control solutions for multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit
  • Great for medium to large homes
  • Can heat or cool up to 14 rooms
  • Ideal for small blocks with limited outdoor space required
  • Each indoor unit can be individually controlled, scheduled, and set to the desired room temperature.

Ducted aircon installation for superior comfort

If you are wanting to heat or cool your entire home or office, ducted air conditioning is a great option. A few of the benefits of ducted aircon are improved aesthetics of the building, discrete operation, and easy management over the temperature of the entire space through zone control.

  • Energy efficient, cooling and heating for your whole house
  • Super quiet operation
  • Superior temperature control and comfort
  • Zone control - only cool or heat the areas you require, offering the option to vary the temperatures throughout the house
  • Reverse cycle models offer both cooling and heating for all year round comfort
  • Even, continuous air flow
  • Unobtrusive design- most components tucked away in the ceiling space with a discrete vent in each room
  • Easy operation - offers remote control from anywhere using your smartphone or adjust the settings with the touch of a button.
Daikin Ducted Air Conditioner in kitchen
Improved aesthetics with ducted air conditioners

We install these air conditioner brands

All Purpose Air Conditioning HVAC technicians have extensive experience in the installation services of all proven, leading brands like:

We can provide you with a recommendation on the type of system, size required and the brand suitable for your home or business climate control needs.

Great reasons to choose All Purpose Air Conditioning

Our team has extensive hands-on experience with installing air conditioners. We strive for excellence and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

By choosing us, you will experience unparalleled service that includes:

  • One-stop shop for air conditioning installation, repairs and servicing needs
  • Experienced industry specialists
  • On-time service guaranteed
  • Affordable, upfront, fixed prices
  • Honest, reliable and professional service
  • All jobs completed to the highest standards

Our team have years of experience installing, repairing and servicing air conditioners of all brands for residential and commercial customers.

All Purpose Air Conditioning Team

Your local Gold Coast air conditioning installation specialists

For a professional, affordable and reliable air conditioning installation service throughout the Gold Coast, contact us today. We can help you choose the right aircon and then install it for you.

Contact our team at 1300 405 295 or complete our quick online air conditioning installation quote form today.

We can help with your air conditioning installation issues in Gold Coast.


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