Book Air Conditioning Service in Brisbane Southside

Book Air Conditioning Service in Brisbane Southside

Air Conditioning Service Brisbane Southside

Looking for a professional air conditioning service on Brisbane Southside?

Then look no further than All Purpose Air Conditioning , one of the leading air conditioning service companies on Brisbane Southside. Whether you are after a full service of your office aircon or the unit in your bedroom is a little overdue for some cleaning and maintenance, our qualified air conditioning technicians can help.

We can provide affordable and practical solutions to ensure your air conditioning remains in top condition all year round, whatever your usage needs. Get in contact to find out how we can help you today!

Does your aircon need a service?

Extensive air conditioning service options Brisbane Southside

At All Purpose Air Conditioning, we understand how disruptive an aircon can be when it isn’t working properly. Besides causing a hot room (and a lot of sweaty people), it can affect your business and make your home a little less inviting after a long day at work. We therefore offer all kinds of maintenance, cleaning and servicing options to ensure your system gets back up and running, and continues to run, at its best all year round.

We don’t just look at the symptom - we offer long-term servicing and maintenance options so you can get the best out of your air conditioner every time you turn it on.

Complete ducted air conditioning service and split system service

Whether you have a ducted or split system arrangement in your home or office, our qualified air conditioning technicians can help. With over a decade of industry experience and on-the-job knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently complete any and all cleaning, servicing and maintenance your system may require to get it back up and running at 100%.

If you aren’t sure what you unit needs, don’t worry! We can take a look and let you know what the best course of action is, and provide cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Dirty Air Conditioner Before Cleaning and Clean After

Why pay for aircon servicing?

If you would like your air conditioning to stay in top condition all year round, ensuring you regularly have your system serviced by a qualified professional is crucial. It allows for all components of your aircon to be checked and, if necessary, allows for cleaning and/or adjustments to occur. If you give your air conditioning a little servicing love, it will have a longer life and function consistently better through every season. It is an investment in ensuring your aircon lasts for longer and consistently works like it should.

What is included in air conditioning servicing?

What is involved in a service may change depending on the brand, type and size of the aircon, however the general steps that are taken by All Purpose Air Conditioning on Brisbane Southside include:

  • Thoroughly clean the filters
  • Check the gas levels
  • Check the air flow
  • Ensure that the cooling and heating functions are properly working
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Check all other areas of the air conditioner are working like they should
  • Check an outdoor units to see that they are working properly, including the fan

Our recommended aircon servicing schedule - How often do I need to get my air conditioner serviced?

Why use All Purpose Air Conditioning?

At All Purpose Air Conditioning, we strive to put our customers first at every turn. From the moment you contact us right up to when your project is finalised, we make your satisfaction our number one priority. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to all your air conditioning needs, offering cost effective and affordable options no matter the job type or size. We are also proudly Australian owned!

Our team is made up of fully qualified air conditioning technicians who complete regular training to ensure they are up-to-date with all the latest industry solutions and equipment. We provide honest upfront fixed prices so you pay the same as any other customer (no surprises or hidden costs!) and our staff are experienced industry specialists when it comes to all things aircon.

We call 30 minutes before we arrive and show up when we say we will, with our prompt and professional air conditioning mechanics completing every job to the highest industry standard. We offer a written guarantee to customers in relation to workmanship, having our customers' satisfaction in mind when completing every job. We have also developed a membership program to support those who support us. When you sign up to this program, you’ll receive a 15% discount on a range of air conditioning services!

The All Purpose Air Conditioning Team

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the maintenance, servicing or cleaning services that we provide to Brisbane Southside give us a call on 07 3133 1681 or complete an online quote form now. We can discuss all the available options when it comes to keeping you air conditioning running like it should, so trust the people that are passionate about breathing life into buildings and discover how much cooler life can be with us on your side.

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