Book Air Conditioning Service in Gold Coast

Book Air Conditioning Service in Gold Coast

Air Conditioning Service Gold Coast

In need of a complete air conditioning service on the Gold Coast?

Then the friendly team at All Purpose Air Conditioning are the ones you should call. We offer the best air conditioning service options up until Coomera on the Gold Coast, with our qualified air conditioning technicians having over a decade of industry experience to draw on. Whether your home air conditioning needs a complete service, your office aircon needs a clean or your system just needs a little maintenance, we can provide affordable and practical solutions to keep your air conditioning working in peak condition, all year round. Find out how we can help today!

Does your aircon need a service in Gold Coast?

Professional Aircon Servicing in Gold Coast

At All Purpose Air Conditioning, we take pride in being one of the leading air conditioning service companies on the Gold Coast. We offer prompt and professional service options for all types, kinds and sizes of aircons, for both your home and workplace all year round. We also offer maintenance and cleaning services across all budgets, ensuring your air conditioner remains in top working condition whenever you need it. We wouldn’t want our air conditioning working poorly, so why should yours?

Ducted air conditioning service and split system service

Whether you have a split system or ducted arrangement in your home or office, our licensed air conditioning technicians can help. With over 10 years of industry experience and on-the-job knowledge and skills, we can quickly and efficiently complete any and all cleaning, servicing and maintenance your system may require to get it back up and running again. If you aren’t sure what your unit needs, don’t stress! We can take a look and let you know what the best course of action is, and provide affordable solutions every time.

Air Conditioner Service | Split System | Ducted System | Gold Coast

Why should I pay a professional to service my aircon?

If you would like your air conditioning to be working properly all year round, ensuring you regularly have your system serviced by a professional is crucial. It allows for all components of your aircon to be checked and, if necessary, allows for cleaning and/or adjustments to occur. If you give your air conditioning a little servicing love, it will last a lot longer and function consistently better through every season. It is an investment in ensuring your aircon lasts for longer and consistently works like it should!

What is included in an air conditioning service?

What is included in a service may change depending on the brand, type and size of your particular aircon, however the general tasks completed by All Purpose Air Conditioning include:

  • Thoroughly clean the filters
  • Check the gas levels
  • Check the air flow
  • Ensure that the cooling and heating functions are properly working
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Check all other areas of the air conditioner are working like they should
  • Check the outdoor unit to see that all components are working properly
All Purpose Air Conditioning

Your Friendly Air Conditioning Servicing Experts Gold Coast

If you have any questions regarding the servicing options that All Purpose Air Conditioning offer to the Gold Coast, or you would like one of our qualified air conditioning technicians to attend your home or business, give us a call today on 07 3133 1681 or complete our online quote form. We can discuss all the available options when it comes to keeping you air conditioning running like it should, so trust the people that are passionate about breathing life into buildings and discover how much cooler life can be with us on your side.

We can help with your air conditioning service issues in Gold Coast.


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