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What air conditioning temperature setting is best?

Did you know making small changes in your air conditioning habits can help you save money?

According to Ergon Energy, setting your aircon 1-2 degrees higher than usual can help you save 10% on the amount of electricity your aircon uses. That simply means that setting your aircon on 22-23°C can help you with significant savings rather than setting it on 18-19°C.

Ideal temperature setting for summer and winter

In cooling mode through the summer, the ideal temperature setting is between 21-27°C. However, this is a generic answer and the actual temperature setting would depend on the the local climate in summer. During winter, the ideal efficient temperature setting is between 18-20°C.

Ultimately, the ideal temperature setting comes down to your comfort and personal preference. Other factors like energy-efficiency, brand and size of the aircon along with the size of your room, insulation and installation can affect the functioning of the aircon.

Australia has a varied climate and the ideal temperature setting for the aircon depends on where you live. Here’s a breakdown of the ideal temperature range for different states in Australia sourced from Canstar Blue.

Ideal Temperature Settings for Air Conditioners - Canstar Blue

Find the right temperature setting for your comfort

Unless you are using your aircon every day for long durations, a slight change here and there won’t significantly affect your energy bills. Some people tend to feel hotter/colder than others, so play around with the temperature settings and see what works best for you.

The other important thing to work out is the aircon temperature for a restful night of sleep. It is said that the best temperature for sleeping is 25°C. Consider using the sleep mode functionality in your aircon for maximum comfort as it gradually varies the temperature throughout the night.

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Ducted Air Conditioners - How to manage the zones?

Using ducted aircon through the occupied zones only can help you save money. That’s because the more zones you use, the harder your aircon will have to work. Moreover, it will affect the performance of the unit and can lead to excessive wear and tear. Turn on the zones you want to use and turn off the unused zones to maximise the efficiency of the unit.

10 hacks to save on your air conditioning bills this summer

  • Use timers to program your air conditioner to run at set times
  • Turn off the aircon at night - as the evenings get cooler, you can take advantage of the cool breeze and your fan to stay cool
  • Keep the blinds, curtains and windows closed during the day to prevent outside heat from warming up your home
  • Keep your aircon well-maintained by scheduling regular servicing from an air conditioning specialist
  • Install sealants or caulks around doors and windows to keep your home sealed
  • Limit the use of heat-generating appliances like dishwashers, ovens and stoves when you are using the aircon
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate cooled air and increase the efficiency of your aircon
  • Replace your old aircon with an energy-efficient model
  • Turn off the air conditioner when you are not using it
  • Set the right temperature on the aircon

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Ideal temperature setting for air conditioners - Infographic


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