Book An Aircon Installation in Brisbane

Book An Aircon Installation in Brisbane

Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

Want a new Air Conditioner Installed in Brisbane?

Want a reliable and expert team to install your new air conditioner? Or looking for some advice on which air conditioning system is best for you? All Purpose Air Conditioning has a team of expert installers ready to help. We supply and install all major brands so we can get the best deal on the best system for you.

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Air Conditioner Repair Brisbane

All Purpose Air Conditioning’s expert installers are here to help you get the best aircon system for your home or business. We offer ducted and split systems and supply and install all leading brands.

Our expertise in air conditioner installation allows you to get the aircon system that will be the most efficient for your property and ensure it's correctly installed. We supply and install air conditioning for both residential and commercial premises; we are Brisbane's one-stop shop for everything air conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installations Brisbane

Need climate control for your whole home? Ducted air conditioning systems allow for discreet climate control for your home. Ducted systems can be customised to fit a new or old home and can be zone controlled so you are only cooling the rooms you need. Ducted systems can either have an in-roof unit or an outdoor unit minimising the footprint your system needs to cool your house. We will work closely with you to get the best possible ducted climate control system for your home.

Split and Multi-Split System Conditioning Installations Brisbane

All Purpose Air Conditioning offers all your split and multi-split system needs. Split system air conditioning can be tailored to cool one or more rooms in your home. Split systems are far less intrusive than ducted aircon systems only requiring a few holes to connect the outdoor compressor to the indoor humidifier. This allows for the system to work with a wider variety of homes that cannot fit a ducted system. Split systems are also cheaper to install and purchase when compared to ducted systems. All Purpose Air Conditioning can get the best deal for you on all leading split systems to cool your house and your wallet.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

Commercial air conditioning helps entice customers and cool staff to ensure an efficient and effective workplace. Whether it's ducted or split we offer all your commercial air conditioning needs and we supply all leading brands. Our ARCtick licensed installers will work to get the most efficient system for your commercial premises to save you money. All Purposes Air Conditioning is your one-stop shop for all your commercial air conditioning needs.

We can help with your air conditioning installation issues in Brisbane.


How to use your air conditioner to heat your home?
Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are designed to offer year-round comfort. However, once the weather starts to cool many Queensland residents don’t think of using their aircon to keep their home toasty warm. How does a reverse cycle aircon both heat & cool? In the winter the air conditio...
Can air conditioners reduce humidity?
Sometimes it’s just so humid outside. We all have been victims of humid weather, it can make you sweat profusely and make sleeping so difficult. Even if there’s a cool breeze, humidity can cause serious discomfort. Luckily, air conditioners and dehumidifiers can help reduce indoor humidity....

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