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  • Can air conditioners remove smoke?

    Can your air conditioning remove bushfire smoke from your home? Maintaining the air quality in your home is important during normal day to day living but becomes vital during times of high pollution, excessive dust, or local bushfires. Depending on the wind conditions an...

  • How do I clean my air conditioning?

    In Queensland, having an air conditioner is almost a necessity, as the climate is warm for many months of the year.It isn't just about havi...

  • How often do I need to get my air conditioner serviced?

    Just like your car or bike, air conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure your air conditioner works as it should. If the AC is not

  • Can air conditioning help prevent mould?

    Effective air conditioning is one of the best ways to prevent mould growth Air conditioning not only keeps your home or office comfortable by offering perfect temperature control but it can...


  • Why is my air conditioning leaking water?

    Are water leaks from the aircon normal? When your aircon is running the moisture in the air condenses on the internal components. Water dripping from the aircon unit is entirely normal. But if it is excessive to the point where the water is causing stains on the walls or it is ...

  • How to gecko-proof your air conditioner

    Geckos may look cute! But they may cause serious damage to your air conditioner. If you leave geckos in your air conditioner, they can potentially ruin the printed circuit board (PCB) and fry themselves by short-circuiting it. The chance of this happening has increased since aircons now use hi...


  • Why does my air conditioner stink?

    6 reasons why your aircon smells bad Have you ever turned on your air conditioner only to turn it off again because it was stinking? Some internal issues can cause the air conditioner to smell foul, like dirty socks or car exhaust fumes. These funky smells are a sign that your aircon...

  • Who is responsible for air conditioning maintenance in a rental property?

    Does your rental property have an air conditioner? In Queensland, we know how important having air conditioning is for our homes. That's why three out of four homes, whether they are owner-occupied or rental properties have air conditioners installed. Generally, an air conditioner is ...

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