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How often do I need to get my air conditioner serviced?

Just like your car or bike, air conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure your air conditioner works as it should. If the AC is not serviced regularly, dust and dirt will get accumulated in the fans, filters, coils and other parts. When you turn on the AC, the debris will slowly damage the internal components and decrease the overall efficiency of the unit.

Your AC will not be able to cool the space properly and even after remaining on for hours, your room will remain warm. The end result - high power bills, non-functional aircon and expensive repairs!

Why should you get your aircon serviced?

  • To improve the efficiency and lifespan of your AC
  • To save money on your power bills
  • For improving the indoor air quality - prevent respiratory issues and skin allergies
  • To ensure small issues are detected early and do not become big ones
  • Air Conditioner Cleaning inhibits the growth of microbes, mould, mildew and other contaminants and improves the air quality

When to service your air conditioner?

Air conditioning experts recommend a comprehensive service at least once every 12 months.

The best time of the year to service your air conditioner is just before the change of season.

If you have a cooling-only unit, spring is the perfect time to service the unit so it is all set for the summers. If you have a reverse-cycle air conditioner, service it twice, in spring and in autumn so both the heating and cooling functions work as expected.

Servicing of the air conditioner also depends on your usage, if you are using your aircon 24/7, it may need more than 1-2 servicing.

Discuss your aircon usage with our professionals and we can help set up a personalised air conditioner servicing plan to ensure it runs smoothly throughout the year.

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How to service an air conditioner yourself?

  • Clean the Air Filter - One of the easiest DIY ways to service an aircon is by cleaning the filters. You can also replace the filter by removing the old filters and inserting the new one. Check the instruction manual to find the right size of the filter. How often should you replace the AC filter? If you have pets, allergies or live in a dusty area, replace the filters every 60 days. But if you have low usage, replace the filter every 4-6 months
  • Clean the vents and outside unit - Some other things you can do to clean your AC is by cleaning the indoor vents. Ensure the outdoor unit is free from dirt, leaves and debris
  • Visually inspect the pipes to check for any damages

Now that you have cleaned the aircon, turn on the aircon and observe if the unit is cooling your space, is it quiet, and is it odour-free? Some smell may be possible due to the accumulation of dust and it should clear out slowly.

Do you see a large amount of water near the outdoor unit or inside the home? It could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. For health and safety reasons, do not attempt to dismantle the indoor or outdoor unit if you are not a professional. Leave the dirty work to be fixed by a professional.

Does your aircon need a service?
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Should you replace your air conditioner?

Sadly air conditioners like all other appliances have a limited lifespan. We understand how frustrating it is to have a faulty aircon that is more like a white elephant and not the cooling device you bought. So here are some warning signs you should look out for and schedule service immediately.

6 signs you should replace your air conditioner

  • If your unit is older than 10 years and breaks down frequently and needs expensive years, replacing it is the best option
  • Check the energy rating label of your air conditioner - if the label has high stars, higher is the energy-efficiency. If your existing unit is not energy efficient, upgrade to a better and energy-efficient model
  • Your unit keeps breaking down and demands expensive repairs
  • Your air conditioner doesn’t cool the room effectively
  • Your unit is noisy
  • You can see leaks around the AC unit
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