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How do I clean my air conditioning?

In Queensland, having an air conditioner is almost a necessity, as the climate is warm for many months of the year.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

It isn't just about having an air conditioner though, it's about it running well too! And that is where air conditioning cleaning comes in.

Making sure your air conditioning unit is clean ensures that it is not only working at its best, is it also allowing you be be cool when you need it most. To make sure your system is at its peak, follow the below to clean your aircon or, if you'd prefer, call in the experts to do it for you!

Steps to clean your aircon

Cleaning your air conditioner isn't too difficult, as long as you follow the below steps.

Condenser coils

Firstly, turn off the power to your aircon! Turn off any power points it’s connected too, and even turn it off at the circuit board if possible. Then head to the big outdoor component of your air conditioning system.

To find the condenser coils, remove the outer casing (which will probably mean using a screwdriver). Once the outer casing is off, remove any other components in the way and then locate the coils.

Wipe any dirt away that you can see using a duster or a brush, and use a cleaning solution to clean away any other grime that may be caked on. Leave the solution on the coils for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water by spraying from the inside.

While you’re in there, check the coil fins to see if any appear bent or damaged. If they do, you can comb them straight with a ‘fin comb’ - these can be purchased from most hardware or specialist air conditioning stores.

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Next, the filters. You will have to relocate to the indoor unit for this - remove the front grille (or flip up) and remove the large mesh panel you can see (or you may have 2 smaller ones). These filters are what protects you from airborne yuckies and nasties, including dust and bacteria.

On the flip side however, this also means they get dirty really quickly! This means they need cleaning more regularly than other parts of your aircon but they are also easiest part to clean.

To clean your filters, take them outside and give them a good whack on a railing or a pole - this will get a majority of the dirt off. Anything that is left behind can be vacuumed off if necessary.

Fan coils

Lastly, don't forget to clean the indoor unit’s fan coil. The fan coil is the bit that actually deals with blowing the cool air out of the unit and into your room.

To find the fan coil, you will likely need to remove the indoor unit’s chassis - this will probably require the use of a screwdriver or something similar.

Once you have found the fan coil, spray it with cleaning solution and leave for a few minutes. When it is time to rinse, use warm water and don't worry about any mess - it will likely get caught in the drip pan. Ensure you continue rinsing until the water running off is completely clear and no cleaning solution remains... just watch the drip pan doesn't overflow. Allow it to drain before you continue rinsing and allow the fan coil to dry at least a little before putting the chassis back on.

Ultimately however, it is always recommended to get a professional to come in and complete an aircon clean. They have the correct tools and equipment to complete the job properly, as well as having experience in seeing small issues before they potentially become big issues.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

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