Get Air Conditioning Repairs Quote in Www.Allpurposeairconditioning.Com.Au

Get Air Conditioning Repairs Quote in Www.Allpurposeairconditioning.Com.Au

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Why is my air conditioning leaking water?
Are water leaks from aircon normal? When your aircon is running the moisture in the air condenses on the internal components. Water dripping from the aircon unit is completely normal. But if it is excessive to the point where the water is causing stains on the walls or it is pooling unde...
How do I clean my air conditioning?
In Queensland, having an air conditioner is almost a necessity, as the climate is warm for many months of the year.It isn't just about having an air conditioner though, it's about it running well too! And that is where air conditioning cleaning comes in.Making sure your air conditioning unit is c...

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