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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

What's the best reason for going to the shops on a hot summer day? Air conditioning! Air conditioning can turn your business into an oasis in Australia’s otherwise oppressive summer heat. Aircon will not only entice customers to come in and stay longer in your store but also create an optimal work environment for staff. Whether it is a retail store or an office building airconditioning has been proven to positively affect your workplace. So why leave your staff or customers without efficient and effective air conditioning contact All Purpose Air Conditioning today. Our team specialises in all things air conditioning from small hole-in-a-wall coffee shops to whole office fit-outs we have a solution to keep your customers and employees comfortable.

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Types of Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial air conditioners much like residential systems have two types; Split systems and Ducted systems. Both of these systems have their pros and cons and applications based on your needs.

  1. Commercial Ducted Air Conditioners:

    Ducted air conditioners are some of the most common types of air conditioners in offices, large stores and other larger commercial spaces as they allow for efficient climate control in larger open spaces. They also have the benefit of only needing one external compressor unit and a hidden indoor evaporator and fan making it a discrete and quiet system. However, they do have a few drawbacks; they are more costly than a split system to install and are not as efficient when only cooling one or two rooms. Ducted air conditioners make for a discrete, quiet, and efficient alternative to a split system air conditioner with a broad range of sizes they are perfect for any small to large commercial premises.

  2. Commercial Split System Air Conditioning:

    Split system air cons are far cheaper than ducted systems to install however they are less effective in larger more open spaces. Split systems make for a perfect aircon for one or two-room smaller offices or retail storefronts. Some of the downsides of a split system are that they struggle with larger spaces, they can also require multiple outdoor systems depending on the size of the system and whether it is a multi-split system or not. Split system air conditioners come into the own when it comes to small warehouse offices, multiple scattered buildings such as schools and worksites, and small storefronts such as cafes and other small retail storefronts.

Local Commercial Aircon Insatallation and Supply

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to Commercial air con installation All Purpose Air Conditioning is your go-to team. With extensive experience, our team is here to help. With a pursuit of excellence, our team combine extensive industry knowledge and training to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of all the aircons we install. Whether it's a small coffee shop, or a large office we have a solution for you. Our team services the following areas:

Commercial Air Conditioning Brands

At All Purpose Air Conditioning, we service and install a wide range of air conditioning brands including:

Our team can work with you to source and install all these brands guaranteeing they are installed the way they were intended to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the unit. Not only can our team install your air conditioner we can also repair and service all these brands to ensure you get the most out of your unit.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Experts

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

Our team offer ongoing support for your air conditioner whether it's repairing it or a yearly service and cleaning of the system we will work with you to ensure your system remains in top condition. Our team have extensive knowledge of all the systems we install that allow us to best locate, diagnose and repair problems your air conditioner may come upon. An annual commercial air conditioning service and clean are some of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your aircon. Contact our team today to quote your new commercial air conditioner and make your commercial premises the place to be.


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